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Our 4yr roadmap

A Look Ahead


We are equipping girls to live their dreams by helping them imagine all they can become through optimizing their faith, potential and education while also expanding their networks and providing solutions that eliminate barriers.


Financial Information.


We began 2018 with nearly $8K in donations and ended the year with positive operating revenue. 

Every little girl has a dream, but all too often they become held back. Research shows that while boys continue to believe in their dreams from adolescence through adulthood, at age 7 most girls stop dreaming about ALL they could be in their lives. Their dreams become limited and bound by gender norms, discrimination and lack of access. In addition to these challenges, according to a 2018 online survey, 86% of moms surveyed are worried about the kind of role models their daughters are exposed to. 

Right now is a critical time for girls—and we need all the help we can get to ensure girls everywhere have amazing opportunities like the ones afford by The Dream Academy. 


With the additional funding we expect in 2019 we can position our organization to meet future demands and ensure more girls have the resources and support needed to live their dreams.

We wouldn’t exist without our supporters. Everything we do will be made possible because of their generosity, enthusiasm, and dedication.

They have and will continue to donate online, mail in checks, volunteer at events, and even give up their birthdays to help us do what we do.

An annual report will be developed mid 2019 and will contain a financial overview, including a breakdown of revenues and expenses, changes over the past year (such as investments in infrastructure or the sale of assets), and sources of income.



2019 Estimated Expenses 


direct program spend



total donated funds


total lives impacted


We are unable to achieve our goals without your support.