dream network program

Networking and Collaboration


We believe that strong female role models of every age help erase gender stereotypes and lay the groundwork for long-lasting equality therefore we created the Dream Network Program for girls to see and engage with role models.

The benefits of mentoring young people are greatly recognizable when you hear the powerful stories of teens whose lives have been changed by a single, caring adult. Studies have also shown that when engaged in peer mentoring all young people showed increased belief in their abilities to succeed in school and felt less anxiety related to peer pressure. 

We know that girls reap big developmental dividends from nonparent mentoring relationships particularly during their high school years. Regardless of income level, studies show that teens grew intellectually, interpersonally, and emotionally from supportive mentors. Most teens involved in mentoring reported they were better planners, organizers, and problem-solvers. They also grew in self-confidnece and self-awareness.

Collaboration amongst peers is imperative to creating a culture of community vs. competition. For teenaged girls sometimes it feels all too common not to get along with other girls. Research shows its usually because girls often judge other girls based on their own battles with low self-esteem, jealousy or expectation. We know being a teenage girl is difficult which is why we want to encourage girls to stick together and support each other.

This Dream Network program will facilitate collaboration events as a safe space for girls where they can be themselves, develop resilience, demonstrate their strengths, and learn to treat other girls with love & respect. 

Mentoring under this programs leadership is designed to support girls through the exploration of learning her limitless potential while directly building relationships with an incredible woman or girl who might have helped pave the way for them. 

Our mentors, The Game-Changers, will inspire girls and help them imagine all the things she can become. They support and encourage the girls, particularly as they struggle to overcome obstacles and solve problems. When young people feel down, upset with their families, or unhappy in their life situations, our mentors are beside them, letting them talk about anything and reminding them of their innate value.

Our mentees, The Dream-Chasers, will be empowered to live their dreams through engaging with our Game-Changers and participating in our peer collaboration events.



Girls Supporting Girls
We give girls opportunities to discover commonalities and celebrate differences, while learning to express themselves in a positive manner.